Twilight Marathon

Twilight Movies

         Ok so not gonna lie, I am a fan of the Twilight books, not the movies as much though. Mainly because the acting sucks, and Edward is pasty and definitely doesn’t do the Edward in the book justice. Kristen Stewart’s idea of acting is screaming like a man, blinking her eyes a bunch, and grabbing her hair every ten seconds. The only person I actually enjoyed watching in the movies is Bella’s dad. Now he’s actually funny. Anyway, so last week I went to Target and I saw the twilight movies were on sale, so I thought what the hell, and bought them all. I then went home and had a Twilight marathon. Unfortunately when I was getting ready to watch them again, the Twilight disc broke. Shame. Anyway, tomorrow, or tonight Breaking Dawn comes out and I’m actually really excited to see it. But since I’m a loser I’m probably gonna go alone considering I don’t have any friends…But whatevs shit don’t faze me.

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