Possible New Sports Category?

       Now that the NBA lockout is over and the seasons begun, I’m thinking I might blog about the games I watch at least. I’m a big basketball fan, I love the LA Lakers, the Dallas Mavericks, and The Boston Celtics. And tonight two of my teams are playing. The Lakers are going up against the Utah Jazz (lame team). Even though the Lakers got off on a rough start and have got two losses so far, I have faith in them to pick their asses up and win tonight. They were so close to beating the Bulls on Sunday, there were only a few seconds left but stupid Deng had to block Kobe from making a shot to secure their victory…lame.  The Celtics are playing the Miami Heat tonight. The Heat beat my boys the Mavericks on Sunday, so I don’t like them. They’re not bad, but hopefully Boston will take the win. Watch the games tonight, I’ll recap later.

One thought on “Possible New Sports Category?

  1. Love the lakers, not a fan of dallas or celtics – all of them are going to have a longg tough seasonn. Im riding on the clipper nation bandwagon this seasonn haha

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