NBA Current Recap

      So in the games tonight, The Boston Celtics lost against the Miami Heat. It’s was pretty close, with a score of 107-115. Miami was in the lead most of the game but the Celtics started to catch up especially in the final quarter. I’m currently watching the Lakers vs. Jazz game, and my team, the Lakers are currently in the lead. My money’s on the L.A. boys to take the win. So far Gasol has been bringing in the most points, followed by Bryant.

     Other games today included, the Hawks vs. The Nets, with the Hawks taking the win with 106-70.  The Timberwolves vs. the Bucks with the Bucks winning, 98-95. And currently playing are the Trail Blazers vs. the Kings, Trail Blazers ahead by 14 points, with Aldridge and Wallace scooping up the most points.  

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