My Attempt at Going Green

     Yo waddup homeslice readers, sorry it’s been like forever since I’ve been posting regularly. I can never think of shit to post about because my life is just that mundane. Anyway, I know I used to post about my delightful outings to McDonald’s, but that time has unfortunately long past. Now I eat shit like salads. I know, ew right? Well I try and make them as yummy as possible, and whenever I eat a salad for dinner, I then treat myself to a microwavable cup of Kraft mac n cheese, because in my mind the two balance each other out. And god knows I can’t get full off of a salad. Greens are for hippies. I’m a carnivore and microwave maven. But anyway, here’s my fairly acceptable salad. It included: arugala, chopped romaine lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, avocados, fresh basil, dressed with balsamic vinegar/olive oil, and topped off with grated parm, pepper, and a touch of cracked sea salt. This is how the pros do it mu’fuckas.


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