Lunch Date

       So a couple days ago I finally got to see one of my best friends, Rachael for a bit. We ended up going to our favorite Chinese place here in downtown Mill Valley. It used to be called Lily Kai but they just recently changed the name to Lam’s Kitchen. Literally every asian restaurant in Mill Valley changes it’s name like every six months, makes shit hard to keep up with, but the quality of the food was just as good. Rach got her usual, a combo of glazey orange chicken and fried rice, and instead of my usual of veggie fried rice (which is the best at lily’s) I opted for a combo of fried walnut shrimp and fried rice. However, whenever I finish eating my food I always wanna die inside and promise myself I won’t eat it again but then the next day I’m back to craving me some more. Here’s a glimpse at my meal. Looks pretty sinful and delicious, no?


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